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Types of Leases We Offer

Approvals for application in less than four hours. Middle market approvals in two days and large ticket usually take up to seven days. Up to 84 months to repay with excellent rates. These programs are for companies established for two years or more.

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Sale and Lease Back

Sale and Leaseback is a financing arrangement that can provide companies with the working capital they need for expansion without relying on bank lines. In this program, we utilize the equity in your existing equipment to provide the necessary funds.

Here’s how it works: We purchase your equipment from you and then lease it back to your company. By doing so, you receive a lump sum payment that can be used for various purposes such as expansion, debt repayment, or operational expenses.

Throughout the lease term, you make regular lease payments to us. Once all the payments are completed, ownership of the equipment reverts back to your company. This arrangement enables you to retain the use of the equipment while unlocking the equity tied up in it.

One of the advantages of this program is that it frees up your existing bank lines, allowing you to utilize them for other purposes. Additionally, it provides working capital without incurring additional debt. Furthermore, by leveraging the equity in your equipment, you can access a substantial amount of capital. The amount you receive will depend on factors such as the type, age, and condition of the equipment.

Overall, a sale and leaseback arrangement can be a beneficial option for companies seeking working capital for expansion. It provides a flexible and efficient way to unlock the equity in your equipment while maintaining operational continuity.

B, C and Challenged Credits

In these tough economic times many businesses have suffered financially. Additionally, the owners of these companies have seriously damaged their personal credit. We have developed a “second chance” program to help these companies. We can structure your financial needs to help you rebuild your company.

Why Lease?

Leasing is the right choice!
Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of acquiring equipment in business today. Recent surveys found that 80% of U.S. businesses, from Fortune 500 to the local family business, lease some portion of their equipment. A growing business often faces the dilemma of limited cash flow and the need to add equipment. Leasing can put the equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages and without major capital investment. We can lease virtually any type of equipment, including software and installation.
Low monthly payments
The monthly lease payment will usually be lower than the payment required by other methods of financing.
No need to tie up capital
Keep your business’ cash for future needs, unexpected expenses or working capital when revenues are low.
You can always lease equipment – you can’t lease money!
Most types of financing require down payments of up to 25%, whereas leasing covers 100% of the cost of the equipment. Most leases require only one or two payments in advance. Get immediate use of the equipment with minimal up-front cost.
Preserve existing lines of credit
Leasing has no impact on your bank credit lines. Protect your borrowing power for other business needs or opportunities.
Eliminate obsolescence
Technology is changing at a rapid fire pace. What meets your business’ needs today may be obsolete three years from now. Leasing allows you the flexibility to maintain a competitive edge by giving you today’s best technology then allowing you to upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage.
Fixed payments through the term of the lease
Unlike bank lines of credit that usually have variable rates, lease payments are fixed no matter what happens in the market. By choosing to lease you won’t be a victim of skyrocketing interest rates. Remember the 80’s when rates rose from 9% to over 20% in one year? That can’t happen with leasing.
Significant tax and accounting advantages
Leasing eliminates the need for complicated depreciation schedules since lease payments are generally line item expenses on your P&L statement. And since lease payments can usually be treated as a pre-tax business expense you may even reduce your taxes. Paying cash for equipment automatically adds 30-40% to the cost when you realize that cash = profits and taxes are paid on profits. Leasing is the right choice! It minimizes demands on cash flow, eliminates obsolescence, keeps your bank lines open, saves on taxes and shelters you from the market.

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Startup Program

Most financial institutions are often hesitant to finance companies that are just starting out or have been in business for a short time, typically less than two years. There are several reasons for this cautious approach. 

When a company is in its early stages, it may not have established a solid track record or proven its ability to generate consistent revenue. Lenders typically assess the risk associated with lending money based on the company’s financial history and stability. Without a reliable financial track record, financial institutions may view lending to such companies as a high-risk proposition.

Startups and businesses in their early stages often face higher failure rates. Statistically, a significant number of new businesses fail within the first few years of operation. Financial institutions are aware of this risk and may be hesitant to provide financing to companies that lack a proven track record of success.

Additionally, financial institutions may require collateral as security for the loan. Startups and businesses in their early stages may not possess significant assets that can be used as collateral, making it harder for them to secure financing.

However, at Streamline Financial Services, we understand the challenges that new businesses face and recognize the potential they hold. We are willing to take on the risk associated with financing startups and businesses in their early stages. Our goal is to help you grow and succeed by providing the necessary financing for the equipment you need to succeed.

By offering financing options to new businesses, we aim to support their growth and help them establish a solid foundation for future success. We consider factors beyond just the length of time a company has been in business, such as the business plan, market potential, and the entrepreneur’s experience and dedication.

At Streamline Financial Services, we believe in the potential of new businesses and are committed to helping them thrive. Our expertise in financing equipment can provide you with the necessary resources to achieve your goals and build a successful future.

Government and Municipal Leasing

We can provide lease financing to any government or municipal entity with guaranteed approval. The rate is determined by the rating of the municipality or government agency. A partial list of who we finance is listed below:

This list is only an example of what we can finance. We can finance any state or federally-controlled entity.

Please contact us so one of our finance specialists can discuss your specific needs and how we can arrange the financing your company requires.